Have the App and forum made my iPad obsolete?

I’m currently at our home in Australia.
For the first time in some months I tried accessing Tidal using my iPad to control my NDX2.
It wouldn’t play anything, so I signed out of Tidal and back in again. It still wouldn’t play.
I then shut down and restarted everything but still wouldn’t play.
I finally deleted the app planning to re-download it.
When I tried to, I received a message saying that the Naim app is incompatible with my (old) iPad.
Before I deleted the app, apart from using Tidal, it worked.
I then jumped onto the Forum only to see a message stating my browser needs updating to use the forum.
On trying to update my browser, there are no updates available. So I tried downloading an alternative browser. On attempting to download any other browser, all other browsers are also not compatible.
On trying to access Apple’s store, my browser is incompatible, so I finally got out my laptop / MacBook only to find that if I order a new iPad today, it’ll take 6-7 weeks to be available…
I am concerned that in my other systems, where I use a similar aged iPad and iPad mini, I’ll be forced to replace the other 2 iPads as well as the one I was using here and I’ll have to wait for 2 months before I can actually use them!
I wouldn’t mind if an iPad was a couple of hundred £ or $ but, they’re A$500 here in Australia for the most basic one, which is the best part of £300 - multiply by 3 (one for each system) and it’s rather expensive!
To my mind, I’ve only had the iPads since I bought my original HDX around 7-8 years ago :frowning:

Yep Blythe

Same here I’m in Australia too

Seems the older iPads cannot access forum anymore ( or at least won’t update the discussions)

The IT folk must have done something

At this stage I’ve just reverted to using iPhone and laptop

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It’s easily fixed just get an new iPad. :grin:

…and just wait 7 weeks for the pleasure…

It’s unfortunate but there’s long lead times on just about everything these days.

Oh really doh :crazy_face:

Yeah really, I know I’m just pointing out the bleeding obvious.

Ha ha I’m winding you up and you’re winding me up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Settle down boys……

Perhaps look at an older refurbished iPad from apple, or worst case eBay

The older generation iPads can only run old versions of iOS that are no longer supported by Apple. In order to keep everything secure it’s important for platforms to avoid opening themselves up to vulnerabilities that can be exploited, hence why there are constant App updates. Unfortunately, with regard to the forum, iOS 12 is no longer enough so devices that can only support up to iOS 12 (iPad mini2, iPhone 5s etc…) won’t have full functionality. This is the nature of tech - it keeps developing and evolving, and eventually the software out-evolves the hardware and you need to upgrade.

The relatively good news though is that the latest standard iPad that Apple currently sell is something of a bargain in the range and is powerful enough to hopefully last a good number of years.

I change my IPad every 3 years, and always second hand from EBay. Never had a problem and the buyer is well protected.
Will never pay 1k and more for new

Hi @Blythe

From the Naim side we don’t do it on purpose.

Each time we have to update the Naim app we have to ensure it will pass the app-store submission rules and they often force a minimum XCode (ios dev environment) and recently enforcing 64bit apps and so on. Our sw team spend a lot of time doing work like this just to keep up with the moving targets, security changes etc., which to the end user gives nothing in return.

Unfortunately in the process older phones and iPads can slowly turn into tech bricks. It’s an Apple and Google policy thing and it’s inherent in these type of products.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


No blame on Naim at all for this, but isn’t it about time someone stepped in to call out Apple and other hardware manufacturers over this? If we’re to avoid polluting the planet to a point of uninhabitability, we surely need to be extending the time we can continue to use stuff, rather than throwing away still functioning tech just because the software hasn’t kept up.

Sorry for the rant.



I guess I should be glad they haven’t updated n-Serve!

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I refuse to purchase another Apple product after my perfectly working iPhone 4 (many years ago) became obsolete overnight after an Apple update.

You’re right Roger something has to be done regarding this obsession to change mobiles or tablets after 2-3 years.


My turntable supports all generations of iPads and iOS, and work equally well with all of them. Just sayin’ :crazy_face:

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You can buy a [insert phone operating system here] device and you’ll ultimately run into the same thing as with an iPhone. Eventually the hardware can no longer keep up with the software. I think Apple does a decent job trying to support hardware for as long as possible.

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Great news apple isn’t the only giant all encompassing company on earth.

Apple et al could make software that did everything we need within the processing capabilities of existing kit.

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