Have you ever tried this?

The latter , and also , the Eames chair makes me sleep faster !!!:rofl::rofl:, so I listen to my music in a dim room , the right ambience where I feel comfy with


My cave … The lamp beside my chair has a dimmer so I can control the ambience



This. I’m lucky to get 5hrs a night. Though until recently I survived (if you can call it that) on 3-4hrs a night.

It took me five attemps to watch a film last week. Full immersive 7.2.4. Lights off. Fast asleep before opening credits have ended. But I was always like this. I could curl up and have a nap in the corner at a rave without any chemical influence and often did.

Try cupping your hands behind your ears. It’s another free upgrade!


My average sleep for decades has been something of the order of 6 hours, not uncommon to be 5 , sometimes less. Nothing to do with children, just lifestyle . I’m naturally an ‘owl’, but get up in the morning to do what I need to do. I remember 40 or more years ago making the observation that if you have an extra 2 hours awake instead of 8, you effectively increase your conscious life by 25%. I have much more recently learnt that medical opinion is that inadequate sleep can shorten life expectancy - but I wonder how the two balance out in terms of conscious life…

As a consequence I fall asleep easily, virtually never failing to fall asleep within minutes of settling in bed for sleep, while relaxing without doing anything stimulating presents a significant chance that I’ll drop off (a good indication that a movie is uninteresting!). I do have recollection of once or twice dozing off on my feet wedged between others in a crowded music venue when the support band has been boring, no matter how loud!

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I love listening to music, closing my eyes and drifting off. Maybe my albums are boring?

I always watched Movies in dark mainly because in 1990’s I had a non 1080P Philips projector as my main TV source. I also had a Naim 42.5/110/Flatcap as my main hifi with B & W speakers. I also listened to stero music in dark as your eyes do not get distracted so you can concentrate on the music/lyrics.

Just tried it with lights off. Certainly a boost in music enjoyment. Better than closing eyes (will fall asleep), and better than glasses off. Also stops me picking up the computer for nonsense browsing.

I did find the Naim light a bit of distraction, plus after a minute your eyes adjust, and shapes start to form, and street lights and moonlight starts to bleed in, but that said, I will try it more. Thanks for the idea.

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Don’t know about a dark room (I prefer a lamp on) but sitting back listening to Crosby Stills and Nash with the later afternoon sun slipping between the curtains is pretty close to heaven imo.

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20 years ago, my wife booked a pair of sensory deprivation tanks for us in London as a treat/surprise.

When she told me what we were going to do that day, I was really looking forward to it.

But as the hatch closed and I floated there in the pitch black, I didn’t enjoy that feeling at all, and I was out of there like a flash.

Whereas she thoroughly enjoyed it and I think she almost went to sleep floating in the dark.

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I think sensory depravation combined with my tinnitus would be psychological torture I might not recover from.

Aurally a sensory deprivation tank must be like being in an anechoic chamber.

And talk of sensory deprivation tanks reminds me of the 1980 film Altered states.

Yes, I saw that film on release in 1980 in the cinema of the Metropole Hotel in Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre.

Maybe that set me up to expect an intensive experience in the tank.

Wasn’t there a fad some time ago for restaurants serving food in the pitch black, the theory being it enhanced the sense of taste as the sense of sight was constrained? Personally I think it would just mean more spilt gravy down your front…??

Hahaha. No thank you. I’m way too paranoid to trust food I can’t see. I’d be like, “there’s a cat turd on this plate, I just know it.

Love it! Yes I feel solidarity with you mate.

I’ve got another opportunity this evening, so it’s going to be lights off, insulating tape out and a picture from the listening position. I will add a photo!


Might have been easier to just put in less lighting and buy darker furniture :slight_smile:

I relax to the point of almost sleeping in the MRI cylinder. Once it lasted about 50 minutes, I found it extremely pleasant. I must have some issues with the outside world…


How to put this in English. It changes everything. Funnny to observe if you are used to it.