Have you got the Shot?

Got my second one about two weeks ago, how about you all?

July for me all go well

2nd shot just over a week ago

2nd AZ shot due on the 31st.

Second Moderna in March.

My AZ second shot is booked for 29th.

Next week , AstraZeneca.

There is a Professor in Oxford working on whether it is possible to combine the jabs i.e AstraZeneca plus Pfizer , his name is Professor Snape , and yes he is in charge of potions

Sadly he is not a Severus


1st vaccination on January 21, 2021
2nd vaccination on February 28, 2021

Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine

Due my second AZ on 18th May.

2nd Pfizer this Friday!:sunglasses:

2nd pfizer yesterday. 25 hours in bed so far with headache, earache, loss of appetite and tiredness…

2nd one tomorrow but I do t know which make. First was pfeizer

Me (AZ) and Mrs SW (Pf) have had both shots done. So we now wait a couple of weeks, then it’s Party Time…innit?

And looking forward to the booster in September :crazy_face:

My second Moderna shot hit me a few days after. Fatigue, stomachache. Just rest , drink lots of fluids.

Second one Should be same Manufacturer as the first.

AZ, no side effects.

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Got mine back in March. Still follow all protocols. Currently we are being told that due to hospitalizations we need 2 lockdown to level 2.
I cant believe how many people here in the U.S. dont belive in getting vaccinated.
Luckily for me I got my NAIM and stream which keeps me very happy.
Love the post that ask what your listening to or records you’ve bought. I copy the bands or groups down and then stream them. I must say some of you have introduced me to some fantastic music.


I got my second doze (of Pfizer) a couple of weeks ago.

Very minor side effects with my first doze, but none whatsoever with the second.

I feel very fortunate that we all are able to post such facts.


I really feel for the folks in India right now.