Have you gotten the vaccine?

I’m getting my first shot tomorrow. I don’t think I waited too long, I’m in the US.
How about everyone else?

I’m in UK where the national campaign started in late December, it’s age & risk based & I have to say I’m impressed with the way it’s been managed. Nationally over 30% of the population have now received the first dose.
I had my first in early January & am scheduled for the second at the end of March.


Quite a few have been reporting their jabs in the coronavirus thread over the past few weeks, though interspersed with other things.

Why not start a ‘poll’? If you wanted you could even have choices by country or by the various different vaccines available around the world…?

Not yet had mine, but its booked for a few days’ time.

Had both mine, given hundreds and hundreds too, I started doing sessions in early January and after a slight dip in supplies about 10 days ago they are ramping up again.


Having my first shot at Kendal tomorrow.

Did both of my vaccines. Had no obvious symptoms during/after this period. The antibodies spiked after, will monitor them going forward.

Close family members and friends did too - all have similar positive experience.

12.30 today in wonderful Crawley!

Yep - had Pfizer 4 weeks ago and my wife had Astra Zenica 3 weeks ago so we are a mini trial.
Vaccine stewarding tomorrow, hope it stops raining!

My first shot of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine was on Jan 25 and my second on Feb 28th. In Washington State they opened the vaccine eligibility to age 65 and older in January.

First one done, second booked for early May.

There’s already a thread about Coronavirus where you can post your personal experience and whether you have received your vaccination yet. I don’t think we need another one. Unfortunately I can’t move so many posts without encountering an error, so I will close this thread. Do feel free to re-post in the existing Coronavirus thread. Thanks.