Have you squeezed “The Lemon song” lately?

It’s rather refreshing on vinyl. :blush:


Oh come on you lot…my goodness. Its a forum, Are you having fun??? If not get squeezed and check out one of the greatest rock bass lines ever recorded!!

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Obviously not a whole lotta love for that on here.


Never heard of it!!!

Mentioned it to my wife who says she loves it.

After 38 years of knowing her I learnt something I didn’t know about her. Thank you.

Lol. Get it on the muso!
I’m just getting excited as I’ve picked up an old pressing and it’s stupid excellent. some very real grove going on with the bass and some. Oh what a
band they were. A shame I was in Junior school boy shorts at the time…

Awesome isn’t. Rock and roll is dead at Naim, It would seem. Hey what about “the fall” have a great flying nun story to tell If your interested

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Never squeezed a lemon but some man has twisted my melon


An integral part of LZ2, so gets played periodically and as enjoyable as it ever was, even if not tge most stunning of songs.

Theres no other version worth playing
Ramble On


That’s because it’s a Swan Song :wink:

Thank You.

In a late celebration of jimmy Page’s 77th birthday I have been feeling a whole lotta love about what is and what should never be whilst squeezing lemons on the killing floor
thank you

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‘…t’ill the juice runs down my leg’


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And into your warm winter slippers.

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Put it on now cos of reading this
Bought the 200g Quiex SV albums some years ago and excellent they are too
Got an interesting version of the previous album, turquoise with the superhype / jewel records and not the later miscredit that appeared on the second release
Got about 80 Led Zep albums, all vinyl
One of the bands I wish I’d been able to see



I merely twist mine.

Me too, as you can see by my screen name, my favourite band. I did however see Robert Plant twice, once with the Now and Zen album/tour, and once with the Strange Sensation. Also, I saw Page live with The Firm…all excellent shows, but Led Zeppelin together would be incredible.

Not trying to make you jealous but they were the first band I ever saw. It was at Aberystwyth Kings Hall, January 1973 - I was 17!


Nice, I have all their DVD’s and Blueray of the O2 arena show. The very early stuff in front of what looks like a high school class is just awesome.
A friend of mine had tickets to their last show…but Bonham died before it happened.

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One band I regret never having seem - however I only liked their first 4 1/2 albums and haven’t liked anything I’ve heard of solo performances after, so I missed th boat by about 1973!