HD Tracks UK closes?

Did anyone else get an email announcing this closure at the end of March…20% discount until then?
US site will still be operational apparently.

Yes, not surprised one bit they were so expensive £20 + for a Hi-Res even with their usual 15% discount on new stuff they were still at the top end of the market.

Problem is they were selling a product that was available elsewhere at a cheaper price. It wasn’t a gold plated version it was just the same thing.

Makes you wonder who sits around dreaming up a business strategy to charge the highest price when value added service is insignificant.

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100% agree re pricing, although I have found some at lower than other market prices, some so low it must have been an error.
As I understand it the need for a HDT.uk was to address the duty variables between US & UK (EU). Lets hope they’ve found a way around that & we can still get to HDT.com without the need for VPN’s.
We need some vendor choices as marketplace competition keeps the pencils sharpened.

PS: Just checked out the pricing on James Taylor “American Standard” 24/96
HDT £19.00 with the 20% = £15.20
Qobuz £18.99
HighResAudio £14.90

Guess who got my business & as normal their metadata & folder stuff is 100%.
(something qobuz never get right)

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Yes they also stopped already earlier in Germany. They have been too far away from a pricing perspective. And the only reason I bought with them was when they had something the others didn’t have, or when by accident an album was cheaper…, only happened when they made a mistake…

I don’t think I ever used HD Tracks. I found its search facility for classical music totally inadequate. I buy from Presto, Highresaudio and Qobuz most of the time . Though the search function in Highresaudio is not very good (but better than HD Tracks), their service is counterbalanced by often competitive pricing and a good selection of music.

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