Does anyone know if there is a catalogue of HDCDs?

Yes, I’ve seen it somewhere on t’internet. I found it via Goggle

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There are various lists on numerous sites - as suggested above, just google ‘hdcd list’ and check more than just the first hit.

What really doesn’t help is that many manufacturers didn’t label their HDCDs, so the decode light coming on can come as a (pleasant) surprise. The downside is that you might have several in your collection without knowing it.

Linn are one of the few labels to have kept producing HDCDs beyond the early 2000s, so try some of them. Neil Young, Mark Knopfler and Mike Oldfield seem to have had a thing for HDCD too - many of their releases around 2000 are HDCD.

Here are some favourites from my collection:

  • Amarok (Mike Oldfield, 2000 remaster)
  • Time Out (Dave Brubeck, 1997 remaster)
  • Stop Making Sense (Talking Heads, 1999 remaster)
  • Don’t Look Back (John Lee Hooker, 1997)

A real shame it never really took off, but it’s another reason to keep that Naim CD player.



No need to keep a CD player to enjoy HDCD quality. You can rip them using DB Poweramp. They show up as a higher bit rate when you stream them.


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