Hdmi arc & multiroom?

Hi, last january I bought uniti atom and I must say I’m loving it, it’s perfect. Now I’m looking to upgrade the sound of my tv, and thinking about Mu-so, but I’m wondering if it is possible to use the muso as a soundbar via hdmi arc and use multiroom to connect it to the atom, so i will get tv sound not only from muso but from uniti too?
At the dealer’s here in Amsterdam they said it wasn’t possible, but on the Naim site I can find that ‘all inputs are multiroom apart from roon, airplay and chromecast.’ So that would mean it is. Now I’m confused.
Hope someone here can shed some light! Thanks in advance, Caspar

I only have 1 box, so I cannot verify it, but your reasoning looks sound.
I don’t know, how much latency the multi-room introduces and if that works well with TV (for audio only, it would usually not matter much) - maybe people with 2+ devices can comment.

For sure, it will stay „stereo only“, no real surround sound with 4 or more channels. (Like e.g. Sonos or Yamaha can do: use wireless satellites for rear channels.)

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Just tested this and it works. Only difference is that in my case the devices are reversed. It’s the Uniti that’s connected via HDMI to the TV. From there I used multiroom to play sound on both a Mu-so 2nd gen and a Qb first gen.

As they’re in different rooms I can’t comment on it being in sync, but I would expect so with multiroom.


Thanks Philipp, good to know that it will be stereo only. Compared to what I now listen to it will be a nice upgrade anyhow!

Hi n-lot, thanksalot for checking and letting me know! Knowing this will be so much easier to decide what to go for!

I can confirm that this will work. Obviously not quite the same as having a proper AV setup with a dedicated centre channel, but I guess having a speaker close to the TV might still help.

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Hello all,
I have muso 2 connected via hdmi arc to the tv. I have a qb in another room. I have been told by Naim support that it is not possible to multiroom when using hard-wired inputs. But you seem to have managed it. Any advice would be gratefully received.

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