HDMI Arc on Mu-So 2nd generation

Hi, already an enthusiastic owner of a Mu-so and a Qb, I have recently purchased a Mu-so 2nd generation, which I find incredible. I wanted to use the HDMI Arc function in order to boost my TV sound. I followed the NAIM’s instructions (basically: plug the HDMI cable on the ARC-enabled HDMI slot on my TV and on the Mu-so HDMI one, select the HDMI input with the remote or with the app or directly on the control panel) as well as LG’s instructions (i.e. switch from TV speakers to ‘Digital/HDMI/Optic’), and after many unsuccessful attempts I have no clue how it can work. I also tried to go on Naim’s website, youtube, etc… but I could not find anything useful. Any help appreciated!

The first thing to check is if the TV is set to output 2 channel PCM stereo.


Hi what model is your tv? does it run on webOS?

You will need to choose the HDMI arc option in the audio settings on the TV for it to register.

If everything looks correct with you TV settings, try powering both the Mu-so and TV off at the mains then powering them both on again (Mu-so first followed by Tv).

I had the same issue and that’s what eventually resolved it.

I did it again, and I realized that there was another step to do to activate ARC on my (LG) TV. It now works perfectly. Thanks!

thank you!

I missed a step whilst configuring my (LG) TV. It now works perfectly! Thanks.

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