HDMI Arc or Optical

Hi new owner of Naim Nova and Kef R7’s which for the most part will be used for streaming audio from flac files on local server or Tidal Spotify etc.
I will also use to listen to music from TV. TV audio will normally be via a Sonos Arc sub rears system, which uses the HDMI arc. Should I find some way of switching HDMI from Sonos to Naim or just run Naim via Optical from TV Media box ?


I think the TV will only output audio try one output, at least mine does that. Maybe a HDMI switch? Also why not use your new gear for movies?

I found that a hdmi switch for that purpose is a quite cumbersome solution.
I would use the optical port as i don’t see any benefit or using automatic switching when listening to music.

May i ask why you want to listen to music from the TV? I find it quite a distraction and with my 4k OLED TV it is not only going against burn-in behaviour but also consuming more than 100W for nothing.

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Because the Sonos is a 5.1 surround system and the Nova is a 2.1 at best, so that won’t work unless you going for a stereo TV system.

Hi mainly for broadcast concerts where I prefer a stereo mix

Yes HDMI arc only available with one component at a time, think optical solution is best way to go

That makes sense. I guess you’ll have to live with that small inconvenience by using the optical input.

I also suggest splitting ARC and optical.
This might also save you the effort to toggle between TV-out of 5.1 on HDMI-ARC (for the Sonos) and setting 2.0 (stereo PCM) on the media box for the digital out.

You loose a bit of convenience (auto-switching/power-on/off on ARC input, volume control control via TV remote), but switching between setups should be very simple and for a secondary/occasional use case, this sounds reasonable to me.

I get the surround bit and I’m an ex-Sonos owner but I guess to each his own, as I prefer proper speakers still for movies.

It’s also not as straight forward switching Sonos to non-Sonos. I had to also go to the TV settings and change the audio output from PCM to Dolby 5.1 for my surround to work properly. So it ended up being a big hassle.

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