HDMI ARC stopped working?

Hi All,

After having a unity Nova for several months and having the screen freeze and other app type issues, the HMDI Arc link to the TV now no longer works - has anyone else experienced this problem? I’m also getting a loud pop from the speakers intermittently when turning the unit on from standby mode - again anyone else have this or understand what the issue may be?

Thanks all in advance!


Wayne it might be handshaking sync problem - have you tried a proper full power cycle of both TV and Atom?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the prompt response, I have but the issue remains but will try again.


If it persists then I would contact Naim support.

I have a similar problem with a atom, it’s worked perfectly when new with a Samsung tv but one day simply stopped working.
I have tested it with a Panasonic tv in another room and it works perfectly it’s clearly a hand shack issue with the Samsung but is there a way around it?
Maybe a hdmi booster or splitter or something that can go between the two just to overcome the problem.

Switch the Samsung TV to the Receiver Source using ARC, probably HDMI4, then back to TV. This normally sorts the resync.

Sadly no joy at all. I think I have done just about everything now, different cables every setting on the tv and on the atom. I don’t want to swap the tv’s around but what’s so frustrating is that it worked for 3 months perfectly i have checked to see if there has been a software update on the tv but nothing now for a year so i can’t see it being that.
I can’t imagine that im the only on with this problem.

I would let Naim support know, giving them as much detail as possible.

HDMI control issues can sometimes be fixed by removing the mains power (unplug from the mains) from all HDMI devices for a few minutes and then retiring the mains supply. This can help reset the handshaking.

Hi Dingding,
I had the same issue with my Uniti Nova and Samsung QLED QE65Q95TATXXU TV. When I set the HDMI-eARC mode to Off, the audio is back. Contrary to the setting, Nova turns off and on with the TV remote! Please give this a try. TV Screenshot|690x362

Madhana thank you so much ! All working now. Thought I had tried everything but it’s all working perfectly now makes no sense but as long as it’s working.

Thanks again

Hi Dingding,
You’re very welcome and I’m glad it worked for you too :smile:. There is an issue in the firmware of either Samsung or Naim. Not sure who to report though :frowning_face: Like yourself, I’m happy as it works.

All the best.

Any chance, the Samsung might offer both ARC and e(nhanced)ARC? And this setting reverts from the eARC to “plain ARC”? (No clue, how backward compatible eARC is; in general or in this combination of devices.)

BTW - when you say, it worked for a while and then some day stopped working: was there any new firmware at that time on either TV or Nova? E.g. touching the (e)ARC capabilities of the devices?

Holding thumps for updates for the freeze and pop issues…

@PhilippVH, as you say, the Samsung might be running a different protocol when eARC is enabled, when disabled runs a plain ARC protocol. Well, that is the only assumption to support the current behaviour.

My experience is slightly different than that of others in this thread. In my case when I connected the Nova to Samsung for the first time, my TV was showing a movie from a set top box (T3 MBOX or something) and the audio worked automatically when I turned the TV on. It was working fine for an hour or so until I switched the TV input to terrestrial TV to watch the news. At this point it went silent! All I can hear is occasional blips apart from that nothing. I tried everything like what @Dingding has done without success. I thought I’ll turn eARC off to complete the test - and then the sound returned.

I also remember Samsung showing a message in the lines of “Unable to communicate to the device. Press and hold the Home and Play/Pause button for 3 secs”. I tried that too without success. So Samsung knows the other device isn’t responding the way it expects it to. In that case I’d rather revert to plain ARC if I designed the firwmare :slight_smile:

I reckon eARC is supported only on HDMI 2.1 chipsets. Depending on when the Atom/Nova is made, it may have an older chipset? Just a thought.

Seems, eARC is part of HDMI 2.1 specification (where HDMI makes many, many features optional), but it’s spreading already within HDMI 2.0 devices since 2019.
It essentially increases bandwidth and can support higher bitrate codes. (Like 7.1.4 sound from Blu-ray - many streaming services use lower bitrates.)

Hence, it was a) not available yet, when the new Unit platform was designed and b) would not bring any benefit to a stereo device like these. (For 2.0 the bandwidth of ARC = SPDIF/optical is more than enough, including Hires audio.)

and mandatory lip-sync too.

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