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Hi anyone, I have just got my mu-so2 and I love it! I just bought a new hdmi cable to use the muso as a sound bar, I’ve plugged one end into the arc port on my telly and the other in my muso… nothing :pensive: any ideas. I’ve turned off tv speakers and my theory after a few deductions is that the new cable Isn’t working (tho unlikely?) I’m going to borrow a gold plated cable tomorrow from a friend and then I’ll know hopefully! Any other options? I’ve turned the Naim app to hdmi too

What’s the TV? HDMI and HDMI ARC compatibility is a bit of a minefield. Is the cable an ARC compatible type? Could be worth getting in touch with Naim tech support on Monday. You can use optical in the meantime (just make sure your TV digital output is set to 2 channel PCM, not multichannel bitstream).

Unless it’s actually faulty, pretty much any HDMI cable should work. It needs to be 1.4 or higher spec, which is hardly cutting edge.
As Richard says, HDMI can be a minefield, and some TV manufacturers seem to have a very loose, proprietary interpretation of the standard. Optical is a more reliable way to connect, although you lose some convenience features such as use of the TV remote for volume control.
Presumably you have set the TV to output PCM stereo, otherwise it won’t work through either HDMI or optical.

When I had a tv and connected my Qb, I used the digital link which was excellent. Still have the cable, tv long gone.

You need to make sure all of the sources (sky, apple tv, tv) are set to PCM, not dolby DTS. The MuSo2 cant decode surround so just stays silent.
Then make sure your tv has the auto control turned on for the HDMI inputs. I have mine set like that and can control the MuSo with the tv (sky) remote. Auto input switching and auto on/off.
Hope that helps.


Oh, and an Audioquest Pearl is cheap enough and well up to the job for the MuSo.

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