HDMI input on ATOM gone?

Hi. I rented a movie on apple today and when I went to use the hdmi through the ATOM the input is not appearing, not on the atom display or the app. The HDMI cable is attached but I am unable to connect? Any ideas?

Did you use it before?
Check under settings/input, that the input is available and activated. (If it’s deactivated, it won’t show as an input on the main screen of the app.)

If this does not help, power-down both Atom and TV and hope, that they find each other again.

Thanks, Phil,
Yes, I have used it before (not often). The input does not appear on the input settings, I couldn’t activate it or deactivate it if I wanted. I have also powered down and used a new cable. Nothing.

Can you post a screenshot of the input settings?

Seriously odd. It should be between Chromecast and Qobuz according to this one by someone else. I have no idea. Time for contacting Naim support, I guess. If I understand correctly, the HDMI input is an optional feature of the Atom, so probably it can break/disappear on its own.

Thanks for the feedback, pleased I’m not going mad. I’ve dropped support a line .

I wonder if this is a firmware glitch. Presumably you have checked that both the Atom firmware and the Naim app are up to date?
Early versions of the Atom had HDMI ARC as an optional extra. If your firmware isn’t functioning as it should a factory reset might fix it - that would be my first suggestion.

I agree it must be a firmware issue. It is all updated. I will wait for support to come back to me. Everything else is fine and I don’t use the HDMI often so it’s not a major issue. It’s just very weird that it has disappeared.

While you’re waiting I would try a factory reset, it’s quick and easy and it might just work, although you’ll lose and presets.

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