HDMI Lip Sync - reset options

New Atom+TV+Set-top box (Humax) via HDMI
Previously not having the joy of HDMI on my previous amp, it’s been a spaghetti of phono cables instead. One step forward…

I’ve also already experienced a delay of ~1s audio behind video a couple of times and I’ve read various lip sync hair tearing stories here and elsewhere.

One thread mentioned powering off/on the Atom which did indeed fix the issue.
My basic understanding of HDMI lip sync is that the downstream boxes report upstream and the source decides what delay is appropriate.

Generally the STB and Atom would live in standby mode when not in use. The TV tends to get turned off at night. I don’t like the idea of unplugging/plugging in the Atom on a regular basis and it seems a primitive solution.

I’ve not lived with the setup long enough to work out if there’s a sequence eg turn TV on last that causes the lip sync problem. Is there not a better way to ‘reset’ the HDMI link?

Meanwhile so enjoying the Atom/QB functionality - wish I’d plunged sooner!


Not sure if this helps here: you can send the Atom to “deep sleep” (not network connect, can only be woken via the physical power button.)
It does not fully reset the Atom as a full power cycle, but it kind of “boots up” again afterwards. (Which takes similarly long like startup after replugging the cable.)

2nd thought: does replugging the HDMI cable help?

Thanks for the suggestions. I did try the soft power button on the front (there’s no hard button I’ve seen?)
But don’t think that worked (was flailing around trying several things at that point so will retry next time).
Ditto pulling the HDMI cable.
Ultimately, I’m looking for a simple solution to avoid telling my partner to mess about with cables when this happens.
I’ve ordered some better HDMI cables anyway and will try more controlled fixes next time it happens.

The soft-power button has 2 functions: the normal standby and a more soft-power-off function.
The first initiates at a short press, the latter after pressing it for 3+ seconds.

Correct, no real hard-power-switch on the units.

Ah thanks . Case of RTFM (If only there was one :wink: )

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For completeness and anyone looking at similar ‘issues’ - after the initial glitches; I’ve not had any more lip sync problems. I’ll mark it up to newbie messing and not leaving things alone!

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