HDMI on Atom stopped working

Anyone else seen this? I have my Atom connected to my Samsung TV with HDMI. I like this connection method as the volume can be controlled with the TV remote etc. I do occasionally have a little trouble with the TV not recognising the presence of the Atom but usually I just need to switch input. As of yesterday I cannot get the TV to output to the Atom at all. I have to revert to the optical connection which is not ideal. Any ideas?



Mark have to tried a reboot of the Atom? It usually does the trick when I have a device where the HDMI decides to not work. A power down and then up may be required or even a hard power off and then power up.

Have the same issue since the very day after last firmware release. I also have a Samsung set.
I contacted naim through the naim app and all they say is they’re not aware of this issue.
Even more annoying: The Atom won’t go into standby when you turn the tv off but it will wake up upon pressing “On” when waking up the TV from Standbye but would do so with a huge lag, which it didn’t have with the previous firmware.
Naim should fix this and perform extensive testing before releasing a firmware that bring back issues that had been fixed with a previous firmware release. I found that unacceptable.

The HDMI input perfectly worked after the initial sound-dropping issues were addressed through a previous firmware release, but now we have some other new issues as the ones I just described.
The trickiest one to me is the one where the Atom won’t go to sleep mode when turning off the tv, but will wake up when turning the tv set on.
And that huge lag… the app is now really slow no matter what input i’m using.

Richard couldn’t you adress these issues to Naim? I contacted the support team through the app several times about this with no feedback from them, that was several months back now

Bouba, do you have a ticket number for your contact with Naim support? If so, I’ll follow it up for you with someone from Naim.

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