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Howdy Folks: I have a ca 2011 HDX2x500Gb HDX. My experience with computers suggests the CMOS coin batteries are generally good for about 8-10 years (by which time the computer is so obsolete that most people have already binned them). What’s the consensus regarding the life of the CMOS battery in the HDX? Is it a Li-Ion coin cell? Rechargeable? Why is it necessary to return it to a dealer for replacement (I live in an audio backwater with only one dealer, who isn’t worth the time of day)?

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Hi sktn77a,

It’s a non rechargeable lithium cell CR2032, the life of which can vary, but 8-10 years is about right.
There’s some good info in the following thread on how to replace it, the procedure is the same for HDX, Unitiserve & the NS0* models.


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Thanks Neil. The VGA monitor and USB keyboard will work. I’ll get it changed out while my 250 is away for a service/DR upgrade!


Here’s another quote from one of my earlier posts:

"Connect VGA monitor & keyboard to Unitiserve.
Switch unit on & press + hold Del key, this should enter the blue BIOS screen.
Select Standard CMOS Features (press return to select when highlighted).
Set the date & time using the arrow keys, numerical & return keys. Press Esc when done.
Use arrow & return keys to select Restore Naim Defaults.
Press Y key.
Press Esc. Then return key twice.

(I hope that’s right!)

Sounds much more complex than it is!"

Hope that will help!



It sounds pretty straightforward actually, especially if you done this with the Phoenix BIOS on many computers!

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