HDX - Hard Disc Player Is Busy Error Message

Hoping that some kind person can help me here…

We had an unexplained power cut over night. When I then fired up my HDX in the afternoon it failed to see the NAS drive that I use in addition to the HDX hard disc, saying it was offline. The NAS drive is a Synology DS218j which has been trouble free up to now over c. 18 months. After a lot of fiddling about with settings etc I now have the HDX seeing the NAS drive again and showing all the albums and songs etc. as it was before.

The problem I now have though is if I try to play any files off the NAS drive I get the error message “Hard disc player is currently busy. Please try again”. Files on the HDX hard drive all play fine, both ripped discs on the server and files in the Downloads folder. I have tried powering down both the HDX and the NAS drive and leaving for a while and then turning on again, and also rebooting the router, but still get the same error. I have also tried re-installing the HDX software (latest 1.7c) but that did not help either, I still get the error message on files I try to play from the NAS.

My next thought is to rescan the NAS drive Network Share but that takes a good few hours to do and update so thought I would see if any clever bods here had any ideas as to why this is happening and how I can solve it.

Many thanks in advance to anybody who can provide any thoughts and input on this.

Best wishes.

This was sorted by rescanning the NAS drive overnight. It is now playing ok and I have all my music back :-). Leaving this here in case anybody else has the same problem and does a forum search on it. Trust that is ok.

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