HDX HD put in Core

Hi I’m thinking of getting the Uniti Core as I have my HDX 2Tb completely full as I love new music discoveries.

Could I put the HD from the HDX in the Unti Core as a starter? The core becomes cheaper and I can expand from then on?



IIRC the HDX HDD is SATA so should work OK in the Core, although you’ll need to re-format it before you do so. See the Core FAQ here on the forum.

Of course you can’t just put the HDX drive inside the Core and expect it to work the same way and read all the music as they are totally different devices and work differently.

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One possibility is to get a NAS and then start storing music on that. The HDX should see the music on the NAS and present it as a unified library. Maybe you already have a NAS that you use for HDX backup; if not you really should. One more thing - if you are storing the music in WAV, it would be wise to get the HDX to convert it to Flac. That gets around the way Naim WAV rips store metadata, and you can set the HDX to transcode to WAV on playback. Come to think of it, if you convert to flac you’ll get more free space as flacs are smaller.


This from Nigel ^^^ is good advice, as you’ll regain space on the HDX, and which, unlike the Core, is capable of transcoding back to WAV on replay, and yes, you really do need to get a NAS for backup to what is now an ageing piece of Naim kit.

Be aware that the conversion to FLAC is no quick affair, so just set it going and forget about it for a couple of days. :flushed:

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Valuable replies, thanks. I didn’t know about the FLAC benefits as I’ve been purposely converting FLAC to WAV for the extra fidelity the non needing of real-time conversion brings.

So, do I convert all my WAV to FLAC on a spare partition on my PC?

Following this, I’d format the HDX hard drive, put that in the Core, then transfer the FLAC music back? Then get the Core identifying the new metadata, perhaps in its own encoding way, before reconverting to native WAV for sound quality - yet with the scope for additional hard drives??

I don’t want to lose all my metadata on my 2Tb of music you see, but my opening paragraph still nags at me in my audio journey!


The HDX will do the conversion to FLAC internally for you, and once completed, you’ll find that you now have some empty space for further CD rips.

It will take a while to do this.

At this point, it’s essential to copy these FLAC files across to a NAS for backup.

The HDX is fairly elderly, after all.

You then set the HDX to convert to WAV on the fly, so that your streamer is presented with a WAV file.

This way, you can continue to use your HDX as a server to your streamer.

I was tempted by a Core, but didn’t like the fact that it can’t transcode back to WAV on the fly, so instead, for very little outlay, I bought a preowned NS01 server, similar to the HDX, as additional backup to my NAS.

Hope this helps.

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