HDX Music Store

So with HDX Music Store there are various warnings about adding or deleting files. Is there any way to inject artwork into the MusicStore without messing up the database?

Many thanks

Look for the Downloads folder. You can add, delete and edit anything you like there. The Music folder is for CD rips only, and should only be edited via one of the interfaces provided by Naim.

Very early versions of the HDX had no Downloads folder. In this case you may need an update to either hardware or firmware.

The other thing is that for CD rips, you can use Naim n-serve for IOS or Mac or the Naim Windows DTC (for windows!) to add or change the metadata of rips in HDX and Unitiserve. It’s easy and works very well. The warnings about breaking the indexing don’t apply to these Naim programmes.


If I remember correctly I think that the Downloads folder is only available for the HDX model with the 2TB hard drive


Thanks I’ll give that a go…

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