HDX Network Sharing

Sorry, I’m pretty much out of ideas here. I’ve never had a problem finding and enabling network shares, with the proviso that as a Mac user, doing it via the browser interface, not N-Serve, always works.
There are still a few people at Naim who know the old servers well, so a call to Naim support might be worth trying. Maybe @NeilS or @Stevesky can help.

Hi kensalriser,

Like you, I find network sharing incredibly frustrating! It’s certainly not my forte.

You say you have changed the attributes for the folder that you wish to share - have you checked the attributes for the whole PC via the network & sharing settings?

This grabbed from my Win7 machine:

It could be something to do with password protected sharing being on perhaps?
Sorry I can’t be of more positive help.

Yes, I’ve been all through that.

The software update arrived today. Successfully installed but no change to network sharing. The ruination of printing ability is now the bigger problem. I think a call to Naim support is the next step.

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