HDX oddity

Because of a thunderstorm on Sunday, I shut down and isolated everything.

Returning on Monday to fire up the system, everything went fine, except for the dreaded “Starting, Please Wait” hang up on the HDX, which we’ve all had in the past, and which is usually symptomatic of a problem with the firmware.

The odd thing is that the HDX itself was functioning normally, both as a server and for ripping CD purposes.

This morning, everything was back to normal, with the expected Home Screen accessible, so was the elderly HDX just having a stretch and taking longer than usual to come fully awake … not unlike myself?

In the absence of other replies, I think if it’s ok the next time you start it, then it should be classified as “One of those things…”

But if it happens again then I should think a conversation with Naim Support might be wise as it shouldn’t be like that of course and it may need a holiday in Salisbury…



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