HDX Setup & Software Update 2021

Hey Guys, I was gifted an early HDX (2008) with very little use on it and would like some help on setting it up. I have 282/250 setup. I have an eithenet cable running from the HDX to the Router and it is powered up, but all I get on the screen is the naim logo and the word starting but no Home Screen. Trying to figure out if I need to run the old original 1.6 update disc or a new update in another form (usb) being that this unit is 12 years old. Would be great to see this baby working lol. Thanks

Hi, the screen on the HDX is a touchscreen, so you should be able to control it directly from that.
If you have an iOS device, put the N-Serve app on it and see if that will discover the HDX.
The latest firmware is 1.7c but it should still work on an older version.

Power the HDX down
Unplug from power
Disconnect the ethernet cable
Make sure the big link plug is installed
Then plug it back in and turn it on
Wait for the unit to cycle then connect the Ethernet cable

Thanks I tried it, but It’s still the same !

The HDX uses two ip addresses so they are either out of sinc or you could have a failed hard drive
Did you wait before plugging back in the Ethernet cable after you powered it up ?
A dead CMOS battery could also be the problem,was the HDX not used for some time ?

Yes I did

How can I find the ip addressed

Looks like a trip to your local naim dealer unfortunately

Ok, I appreciate it. I do not believe the hard drives are bad.

You need to get into the HDX via desk top client software that should be able to get from Naim’s web site
Can you see your HDX while using the Nserve app ?


You sure you have the right app ? Sorry for asking this

If you have a PC display with a VGA lead then you can switch the HDX off again, connect that to the VGA socket on the back of the HDX and then switch the HDX on again. That way you can follow the start up process on the PC display and see exactly where it is hanging.

But unless it’s a dead CMOS battery, which it is possible to change yourself (but you will need further instructions on what to do when you restart the HDX after changing it) then it’s almost certainly going to need to go back to Naim.

@NeilS may be able to add further thoughts.



I’m pretty sure I have the right app. I also have a nova and a core in the same network, so I’m guessing the same app that controls those is where the HDX should show up ?

No that’s not the right app. You want Naim
n-serve for IOS. It’s also available for Mac. But not for Android. For Windows you need the Windows Desk Top Client.



Thanks David, no I don’t have a pc just an apple laptop. The main reason I picked up the HDX was so I could used the Hard Disk store too use with the 282/250. Did in plan on streaming.

Ok thanks

When I mentioned a PC display, I mean a free standing computer display that you would connect to a PC by way of a VGA lead. Not a laptop!

Yes i know

Nserve for Mac available in the Mac App Store but I am not aware of any settings that are gong to get you out of your issue, if you are super lucky it could be bios battery.