HDX SSD Error 64

Hi all has anyone else encountered Error 64 whereby the HDX will not mount the network shares all of a sudden? They are offline and removing and re-adding them which I used to do if they went offline no longer works. The shares themselves seem fine and the QNAP NAS is performing well. I Updated Asset and it reads the shares without issue it seems. The HDX did die on me earleir in the summer and went back to HQ and was fitted with a new network card I believe. I’ve had several months issue free since then. My local dealer suggested resetting the switch, router, NAS, HDX etc but none of that has worked so far. All advice gratefully accepted.

Is SMB1 turned on, on the QNAP?

lowest is currently set to SMB2 the NAS udates on its own and there have been major updates lately. Maybe this changed?

I don’t know a lot about qnap but the reality is the hdx is by compute standards antiquated.

It’s probably time to think about succession. Certainly it’s running windows xp! Which uses the less secure smb 1 for network, I don’t know if smb2 will work.

You do need SMB1 to be on for HDX, Unitiserve etc. SMB2 or 3 simply won’t work.

Thanks for the replies. I reset to SMB1 but this seemed not to work at first. I then ignored the default details when adding the shares and entered the NAS username and passord and the shares now seem to be adding again.


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