HDX-SSD Ripping in Flac Playback in Wav

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I Purchased a used HDX-SSD it sounds fantastic on a 272 I feel like it has been a great compromise for having a good CD player in system and ripper. I not computer Savy and it seems to be easy to setup and play. Im currently ripping in flac and saw this post about ripping in flac and playback in wav I cant seem to find the buttons or menu to setup that playback option. would appreciate advice.

You need to use the Windows Desktop Client programme which you can download from the Naim website.

The firmware for HDX should be 1.7c If you have earlier firmware than that then you really should update it. You need to know what firmware you are on (for example if you are using the n-serve app for controlling the HDX you can get the current firmware status from there). You will need to contact Naim support to get the 1.7c update disk posted to you and depending what firmware you are on you may need other discs too as the firmware has to be updated in order.

If you are already on 1.7c then you will need to phone Naim support for the Windows DTC version for 1.7c because it’s not on their website.



Once in the DTC there are various options for transcoding. From memory you want ‘decode’. This preserves the native resolution ie a 96k flac becomes a 96k wav. One of the other options turns 96k flac into 44.1k wav. You can easily check you have the right one by looking in the now playing screen of the Naim app.

I appricate the response. I have the HDX with 1.7c so sounds like I will be phoning Naim for the windows dtc. THanks for the fast response

I guess I should ask any change the HDX update cd has the windows update on it as well?

Go to this page https://www.naimaudio.com/customer-support
Scroll to the bottom, choose software updates. The DTC download is at the bottom.

@hungryhalibut that is the v1.7b DTC. There is a new DTC for 1.7c and that isn’t on the website.


Ít’s been quite a while since I’ve owned the HDX - but the OP’s question was regarding FLAC to WAV conversion and I wonder if you can’t do this via the front display - but not quite sure …

You can download the v1.7c DTC from the website of German distributor Music Line:


Just got a Email back from naim support I copy it below

Hi Danny,

Thank you for your enquiry and i’m happy to hear you have successfully updated to 1.7c.

There is no Windows desktop client update available, you will get the message stating it needs to be updated, when in reality it doesn’t. You will just need to ignore this message and continue to cancel, it should disappear after a few times. The 1.7c firmware update was more focused on metadata etc so there was no desktop client update required for this particular firmware update.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards


Interesting. Now we know!



Found the option for wav decode by going through the menu’s on the hdx with 1.7c from home page you can go to System>UPNP Settings> Compatibility>Stream Format and Change it to Wav Decode.

yah and thanks again for everyone’s help.

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That’s what I meant!

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