HDX-SSD / Uniti Core Mash Up

As I understand it the Uniti Core generates three folders by default on its internal drive: (1) Music (into which it rips); (2) Legacy Music (i.e. imported from a UnitiServe/HDX/NS0x); and (3) Downloads.

To those in the know, is it possible to create an additional folder on the internal drive which could then be accessed and promoted to being a Music Store for an HDX?

The reason for requiring as to this madness is that I am very happy with my HDX-SSD but would like to replace the NAS drive with something more modern and quiet. The current rig has been running almost continuously for over ten years. I was wondering if the UnitiCore could be the replacement for the NAS in the interim until the HDX is replaced with an NDX2.

In my proposed configuration the three default folders on the Core would be scanned by the HDX and be presented in its library, and whilst most ripping would be done on the Core, the HDX would be happy as it would have a Music Store to rip to if needed.

Also, does the Core now also back up its entire drive to an external USB drive or NAS or is it still the Music folder only?

The online documentation for the Core is woeful so I haven’t been able to work it out from there.





No to both questions or just one of them?

Why not simply replace your aged NAS drive with a modern one and copy the contents across to the new drive?


I have considered that and may well go down that route. I’ve been looking at QNAP/Synology 2 bay drives but still researching that.

Ideally (for me) Naim would bring out an HDX2 which combined the NDX2 and Core into one unit but as that looks unlikely I would ultimately rather have a two box solution (i.e. Core/Innuos/Melco paired with an NDX2). I don’t want to buy a NAS which would be redundant in a relatively short time.

Maybe I should just start again from scratch…

If it were me I’d get a more up to date NAS. SSD drives would be a lot quieter. You can then keep the HDX or swap to an NDX2. The Core is very limited and won’t do what you are seeking. It seems a waste of money and effort in your situation.

I cannot answer on the core question but you cannot play around with the folder structure in the older hardware.
I store my music on a server which also runs roon and have end points to play from, but then I have not needed to rip a CD in over a decade.

Thats good advice - thank you - though that wouldn’t cover off the ripping side of things in the future (would need to use a desktop) though I appreciate its a good and cost effective solution for many people.

In our household a dedicated ripper keeps the peace as we still buy most of our music on CD.

True - good point - though with the old hardware that wasn’t a problem as the shares were set up on the NAS and not the HDX etc.

As to not needing to rip CD’s perhaps we should revisit this to limit our consumption of plastic.

I see where you are coming from. I never buy CDs - horrid plastic items that need storing - and buy music as downloads. I get given albums by bands that we have at our concerts, and rip them on the iMac using dBPoweramp. In fact I have a few to to today. One thing an NDX2 would do is open the world of Qobuz to you. Even if you subsequently buy the download, it opens up a whole library of music to dip into. With your nas working fine, you could always swap to an NDX2 now, and upgrade the nas as and when. Ours lives in the dining room so the slight clonking isn’t an issue.

Too true… never really liked them myself either… though I hope the same sentiment doesn’t apply to LP’s!

I do have an alarming amount of PCs and old laptops in the house should I ever need to rip something, but genuinely I cannot recall the last time I even handled a CD.

Sounds like it might be time to stop buying CDs and to embrace downloads. But certainly not time to ditch those lovely records.

Indeed :slightly_smiling_face:

A Melco allows you to directly download to its hard drive any music purchased from your Qobuz or High Res audio account, no need to faff with the computer.

I like the sound of that!

It needs the latest EX software, which is standard on a new player, older players need a software upgrade.

Thanks, just looking at Melco’s website and the instruction manual section. Looks convenient.

Is the folder structure on the Melco rigidly fixed or does it allow additions so my old HDX could access it or a part of it?

Sorry John, not an owner yet………but looking into it too. Many members have one so should be able to give you a definitive answer. It should also be able to convert Naim wav files as you copy over from your Hdx and keep the metadata readable…….most will not.

I’m afraid the Core doesn’t create the folders you mention and no I don’t think you can’t add another folder in the way you describe. I can elaborate if you want!