HDX touch screen

Looking for some help after a short power cut earlier today… the touch screen on my HDX is unresponsive. Everything else seems fine…

Tried powering off from the front power button and then from the on/ off switch at the back. No joy. Any suggestions?

Hi, not sure if I can explain your problem, but have you tried connecting to your HDX using a browser? This should give you access to a control screen similar to the front panel touch screen, so at least you can see if things are still working. You can then also navigate to the display settings menu to see if anything needs changing, and maybe also try the recalibrate screen option.
Failing that, you may need to get Naim to look at it. Good luck!

Hi Chris,

I have just tried using the web browser & unfortunately the calibrate option is not available - I’m afraid if a cold power down/up has not fixed the problem, it sounds like a terminal hardware failure. :frowning_face:


There is a clean screen setting in the systems menu that disables the screen for cleaning. May be worth checking.

Oh dear, could be a trip to the dealer for a fix, then.

I thought that only disabled the screen for 30 seconds, but at this stage there’s no harm in trying.

Hi tried the calibration and clean screen but no joy. Screen works fine via browser but is unresponsive when you try to use the actual touch screen. I will call my dealer in the morning. Only just got my hdx back after the psu failed…

Thanks for the suggestions though worth a try.

Power off and double check the link plug. When missing the screen will be unresponsive.

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