HDX vs UnitiServe as Server only

is there any difference in SQ when using HDX or UnitiServe as Server (stored CDs) only.
Streaming from ND5XS2/NDac/XPS
Got one with SBooster Power Supply - and actually bought it for a friend. The guy I have given a unitilite some time ago.
But thinking if I can use it myself. Bought it (Serve 2TB, 2018 service, plus ChordLAN Cable, Sbooster) for a very good prize :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

PS: Sorry - please shift the post to Streaming if this is the wrong Subforum

I haven’t compared HDX to Unitiserve as servers, but I find that running a 2nd gen Naim streamer with a separate DAC makes it more or less completely immune to upstream stuff like servers, network cables, switches etc. so I suspect you will find no difference as long as you are able to cast aside any subconscious bias.

The HDX and US essentially run the same firmware, server etc. and use the same hard drive, although the HDX has additional hardware which could have some effect on the electrical environment, especially if it’s close to your HiFi.

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LOL … "as long as you are able to cast aside any subconscious bias.

What di you think - will there be a difference, when the Serve is in another room - near Router?
Is it even better?
Do not know how the signal went through Ethernet when connected
HDX(or serve) -->2m ethernetcable → Networkswitch (connected va 15m ethenetcable with Router) → 5m ethernetcable → ND5XS2
HDX(or serve) → short ethernetcable → router → 15m ethenetcable → Networkswitch → 5m ethernetcable → ND5XS2


I would generally keep any server away from the HiFi in case it interferes directly with analogue electronics. HDX owners may of course want it on the rack if using it as a source rather than a server, but that aside I would keep any server elsewhere. As I said, any effect caused by a network connection disappears when the DAC is decoupled from the streamer in my experience so doubt it’s something you need to worry about.

Think I will take the US and hook it up in my system. Makes room for one more Box :slight_smile:
As I do only need to connect it via ethernet, I can find a nice but a bit hidden place :slight_smile:

Discussion of non-Naim power supplies on Naim equipment is not permitted on the forum, so I’m afraid you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Sorry - my mistake … edited my post!

Asides from having another naim logo I cannot think of a reason to pick up a userve in 2023.

I can. It’s very handy as a door stop, or as a tiny step if you can’t quite reach the kitchen cupboard.

I certainly wouldn’t buy one now. A NAS is far more flexible and would sound just as good.

Yes! You are both correct and I have a synology nas already.
I bought the serve originally for a friend as a potential gift. He will never get a nas, so that is the way giving him a bit more comfort with his cds.
I thought using it myself as replacement for my hdx, which I am currently using as server only.
Have I tested nas against hdx? Yes I have. There was no real difference - only the imagination part.
I have currently switched off my nas. Only running as backup theses days. So a serve (smaller as hdx) is an alternative server option with cd ripper included. Also the price was 50% of the current market value :slight_smile:

Just found out, that I have to update to 1.7c.
Is there still no availability as a download?
Will contact my dealer to ask naim to send a CD with 1.7c.

You ask Naim technical support and they will post you a CD. Or you could ask a dealer. Of course a dealer possibly would already have it and could do the update for you. It only takes about 15 minutes.

Found a thread here with an iso image done.
When the cd could not be given by naim (which I do not think) I will try to burn a cd.
Our local naim support here is very fine - send them an e-Mail.

It’s easy to burn the CD if you have the image.

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Remember also that you can only update from the preceding version, so unless you are on 1.7b you will need an update for each interim version.

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Thanks - know that!

The current market value is 300 quid, so if you got it for 150, fair enough I suppose, the case can be used for other stuff anyhow.

Did not get it for 150…
But here the market value is much higher … and HifiShark is also telling another story (not one unit even near).
To be honest … as much as I like all the people and the nice guys from naim here - your post (…I suppose, the case can be used for other stuff anyhow.) is not on my like list.

I would like to use it - so I can do. I also use naim equipment from the 90s - what’s the point.
And maybe I will give it away as a present for my friend.

The reason why you might not want to use it is because it is basically a computer running embedded Windows XP. So unsupported by Microsoft for a long while now. And very expensive to get repaired by Naim when it goes wrong.

I hear you and sorry if I offended you. If you can take any advice though if it goes wrong or misbehaves in anyway then cut your loses.

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