HDX with 555PS connection help

Hi all,
I have a bare HDX that I have just bought a 555PS for ( I am going to change the HDX for an ND so only a temp step for now).

I have connected the power cable to the power supply and the burndy from output 1 to the HDX.

When I power everything up the power supply is live, the Naim logo on the HDX comes on but the screen does not and I can’t use it.

Do I still need another power cable direct to the HDX ? I thought I read if having a separate power supply to not connect power to the source as well. I don’t want to plug anything directly into the HDX in case I xxxx it up.

Help please !


As described in the HDX manual, page E5, both the external power supply and the HDX must be plugged in for operation. Also, it says “switch on the external power supply first followed by the HDX.”

Thank you, that has got it powered up but I have other issues now. I will start another thread.

Appreciate your help.

Make sure you are using the right burndy cable !

All up and running now, thank you

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