Hi all,
Does HDX unrip SACD?

No afraid not. If the SACD has a CD layer too (as they often do), it will rip that ok.

Ok. Thanks!

I have the Naim DAC. If I buy a basic SACD player, may I connect it to DAC?
Does the Naim DAC support the convention of SACD at same quality?

It is almost impossible to get a DSD data stream from an SACD player, due to copy protection. Only exception is via HDMI, with certain DACs. The SPDIF digital out from an SACD player will be PCM at redbook CD resolution. This should work with the Naim DAC, but it’s not what you want.

Thanks, it’s very clear now.
So the only option is to buy a good SACD player…

My advice: audition SACD player at home before you buy!
I owned McIntosh and Krell, auditioned for a few weeks Ayre and dCS (the single-box, Not the $100k stack!) and settled onto Wadia 781i. Wadia sounded like “Naim” to me and became a part of my system, but even she failed to beat CDS3 when I used my two copies of **Mozart Flute Concertos** and playerd them head-to-dead and then separately for a few days.
But Wadia was a Must for my collection of Esoteric single-layer SACDs :grinning:

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