Headline 2 with Nac 72

Hi Everyone

Just some curious questions re my Headline 2. I had for a long time a second system on my PC desk comprising of 62olive/140CB, with a recent addition of Monitor Audio CDM 2. Most of the times I listen to my ripped CD flac files through Topping D10s/Headline 2/Napsc/ Sennheiser HD598R.

Recently the 62 started to output one channel unless I fiddle with the selector knob. I know its time to have it serviced. But since I have a spare later Nac 72 in my cupboard, so I swapped it with the 62. The result is predictable - more details on the tracks that I’m familiar with. Having said that the 62 has reliably given me years of music enjoyment. I will have it serviced in the near future.

Now I’ve noticed that with the 72 I have to leave the 72/140 on or I won’t get the signals for the Headline 2. With 62/140 I didn’t need to turn the pre/amp on to listen to music through Headline 2.

My question: is there any way to use the Headline without turning on the whole system? I’ve tried to connect the Headline through CD input (D10s on Tuner input) but no signals. I normally connect the Headline through Tape2 (Tape 1 also works).

Many thanks in advace for any insight into this question of mine.

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