Headline and SN2 amp

Hi @Mike_S

I have seen your previous activity about sennheiser hd800s and SN2, unfortunately all topics are already closed .

Since yesterday I have the same headphones as yours and SN2 as well.
I was comparing SN2 with Headline (side by side) and to be honest I didn’t “hear” any benefit of HL , to me SN2 sounds better .


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Hi @Kacper, that’s really useful feedback thanks. I was initially put off the Headline by the additional 2 boxes required and the lack of system automation or remote that would result in a poor user experience compared to the SN2 headphone stage.

Over the last few months I have also been fine-tuning the system; new network switches and streaming cables to reduce noise, a Superlumina interconnect and Powerlines on the XPSDR, HiCap and SN2. These have considerably improved the headphone performance and I am no longer considering the Headline or any other headphone amp.

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What type of HL was it? HL2/NAPSC or HL2/HCdr?

I never got the HD800 to play nice with the HL2/NAPSC. The 3v difference or just better supply in general made all the difference.

I’ve certainly found that the HiCap on the SN2 and the Powerlines across the system lifted the headphone performance on the SN@ quite markedly, with more resolution, conherance and grip.

It’s a HL-2 from 2018.
I didn’t have any additional PSU so I have tried with HC dr which supplies SN2.

I won’t bother my self with HL-2 anymore, SN2/HC dr- that’s absolutely enough for now. I have added a new switch (aqvox) and ethernet cable (chord epic ethernet) too, it was a huge step forward. :ok_hand:

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Well if it sounds better to you, then you’ve made the right choice.

Obviously, sans headphone amp saves plenty of money too. But if you do get the itch, I’ll be first to admit there are loads of quality non Naim headphone amps out there. With home ownership down globally (and therefore fewer options for using speakers) the headphone amp market has never been better.

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well, since we have our small daughter, my listening sessions with headphones will be more often then before Hannah has been born - that’s for sure :man_shrugging:
Maybe in the future I will try another- non naim amp - but for now on I’m fine with internal headphone amp from SN2 :smiley:

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