Headline, extending cable

Right i have tried searching but couldn’t find anything, as i would like to site my headline about 6 meters (cable lenght) away from the main rack and to do this the grey din cable needs to be longer.
Would it be the case that i need to get a new longer cable fitted or can you get extension to the standard one?

Cheers for reading and hope someone can answer my question

6m is rather long and the pre-amp may have trouble driving such a long i/c. The i/c is captive so you’d need to have a longer one properly fitted. It may well need to be slugged with resistors too, to prevent the preamp going into oscillation. Talk to your Naim dealer who can liaise with Naim service on what’s possible (if anything) here.

If its going to be to much trouble then i guess i will get an extension for the headphone cable and just have to get up 8f i want to turn the volume up or down.
But thanks for the info Richard

When I enquired via my dealer if a longer than standard Powerline cable was available from Salisbury the answer was no. So I rerouted a few things which worked out after a bit of jiggling.

6m long headphone leads are readily available. Though getting up to tweak volume may get old quickly.

I love the HeadLine so I don’t throw the suggestion out lightly, but at that distance, I might consider the following if headphone listening is a large feature for me:

  • Another headphone amp that has remote control. The forum has a few recent threads on this.
  • If listening is mainly one source like streaming, a smaller self contained headphone system near your chair.
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