Headline from UK to Canada

Hi, I live in Canada and already have a NAPSC and a Flatcap 2X bought here. Are there different versions of Headline? I mean for exemple a UK version for the UK power and another one for the power here? Or, I guess, only one version powered by power supplies like my geers fully adapted for the power here?

No the Headline is the same the world over. It is the power supply (which you already have) that differs.

You do still need to specify at time of order the type of captive lead configuration:

  • RCA
  • 5-pin DIN line out
  • 5-pin DIN record out (default standard).

If using directly with a source and not via a preamp, you will need one of the first two. If you say nothing, you’ll get the latter for use with a Naim NAC.

FWIW, the higher voltage output on the FC does give an appreciable lift over the NAPSC for harder to drive headphones. But if you choose to power from the FC you will also need to order the SLIC cable.

Thank you feeling_zen, that’s what I thought.

The Headline I want is coming with a SLIC. I already tried a new one this summer with my Sennheiser HD650 and Grado RS1, with my ND5 XS 2 as the source and powered by a NAPSC. I really enjoyed the SQ, witch, I think, will be better with the Flatcap X2. Any way, the NAPSC and the Flatcap are on my NAC 202, so the Flatcap’s 2nd socket is still available.

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