Headline interconnect length?

I would like to have my headline in the lounge whereas the system is in the dinning room.So my question is would it possible to have the factory put a longer captive lead say 2.5 meters on the headline or is it a no no

thanks peeps

I made a 10 metre extension for my Headline. Couple of in-line DIN connectors and Mogami cable.

Works a treat.

Thankyou Suzywong it would be nice sitting comfortably on a sofa rather than at dinner table might start using my headphones a bit more too.

I’d suggest it depends on your preamp. Some have buffer boards on the DIN outputs and would be suited to driving a long cable.

Others rely on the source and a “buffer” resistor to drive outputs so long cables can have a loading effect

Which preamp do you have?

sorry should’ve said nac52 the headline is the olive variety 3mtrs in lenght would be ideal

I’ve run my 10m interconnect extension from both a 102 and an 82 into both Olive and black Headlines.

That should be fine, the 52 has buffer boards.

As a general rule, any NAC with the second row of record buttons has boards, and so does the 32 and 72.

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