Headline – No Output..?

I have my Headline / NAPSC plugged into one of the Tape inputs on my NAC 32.5. Before, if music was going through the amp, it would also be going through the Headline: no need to switch to the Tape input. I had to unhook it the other day and, upon reconnecting, nothing. Volume pot turned up as high as it will go. Switching to the Tape input on the NAC 32.5 does nothing.

Any ideas…?


Are you using the same lead, from your 32.5 to your Headline…? Not picking up on the output pins could explain what you have…

You do not need to switch to the Tape Input. The Tape Output signals are always ‘on’.

Your 32.5 isn’t muted…?

Thanks, Ian – Yes, the lead on the Headline is captive, so it’s necessarily the same lead… in fact, everything’s the same. First thing I tried was the Mute switch: no, not muted… puzzling… and annoying…

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Ian – crisis averted… when I hooked it up again, I connected the Headline to Tape 2, rather than Tape 1, and it looks like the Tape 2 socket is a bad ‘un…

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Glad you found it… :slightly_smiling_face:

According to the back panel wiring diagram, both Tape sockets should have Outputs on them.

One is line mirror, the other is record out. Subtle difference.

What do you base that on…?

The wiring shown on the unit doesn’t support that… IMO… :thinking:

The description of the problem. The wiring on the outputs wouldn’t change. The OP described it as ignoring the record out button and mirroring the input button unless I’ve misread the description.

Tape out via record selection and output via mirror are both extremely common. Naim used both. Moving forward, new stuff is mirror only. The 252 and 282 are the last Naim products with record out but only via one input AFAIK. All mirror out going forward. Glad to be corrected though.

Sorry, I do not believe the Naim NAC32.5 is as ‘clever’ as you are suggesting.

I think it is much more likely that one of the sets of Tape Outputs on the OP’s unit are simply ‘dead’, for some reason. Always go for the simple explanation.

Perhaps @Richard.Dane might shine more light on this, being a Tape Enthusiast…?

Yup, I reckon maybe a faulty tape buffer board?

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Or even just a bad din socket, they can get corroded through age can’t they? I know ve seen photos of old units where the sockets look crusty with residue. Does the socket simply need a clean?

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I seem to have:

  • Misunderstood the problem description.
  • Confused the model number (why did I think it was a 282?)

In my defense, I’ve been in and out of consciousness all day with food poisoning.

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