Headline vs Supernait for headphone listening

Can anyone give an opinion on which is superior and by what margin. Headphones are Sony 1000XM3.

For sony xm3 everything is good:) they are not very picky but not ideal for home listening etc
I own them and use then while i am traveling
And for netflix when i am home with kids:))

There is actually no such thing as a Headline headphone amp.


Are all significantly different performing headphone amps. A Headline on it’s own does nothing.

Are you not interested in using the headphone’s Bluetooth connection?

It would most likely be a Headline 2/naps ,I already have the SN1 (not in use )hence the question ,is it worth the investment .
Yes I use the headphones Bluetooth capability when out and about etc ,but even from my 8200CDQ it sounds so much better wired.

Difficult to say as so few here will be familiar with the 1000XM3 headphones. Going on price alone, I’d use what I already had or, if not keen to have a whole big SN1 out for headphone duties, buy a lower cost headphone amp.

I say this as a great Healine2 owner. Personally, I’d go for something like a Rega Ear.

Out of interest do you know which Codec is in use when you’re mobile, what is your mobile music source?

Way over my head , but I use Spotify when out and about , and music cast from my NS01 to my phone then Bluetooth when using music collection in house…

The sound quality you get over Bluetooth depends on the Codec (coder-decoder) in use. The Bluetooth spec originally defined only one type: SBC, over time other companies have introduced progressively better types. The Sony headphones support all the main ones, but to compete with wired you really need to be using Aptx HD or LDAC. Whether these are available will depend on what your phone supports. When the two ends connect they should select the best that they can both support.

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