Headphone amp comparison - Uniti Nova & Atom Headphone edition

I’m a happy owner of a Uniti Nova, it drives my PMC twenty5 23i floorstanders wonderfully, love the sound!

However, my experience using Audeze LCD-X (20 ohm impedance) via headphone jack is albeit very detailed, lacking punch/attack in the mid/lower frequencies and emphasis on the higher, which I did not experience when auditioning the LCD-X on a Bryston BHA1 (appreciate this a dedicated headphone amp). Audeze recommends power output of >250mW to drive the LCD-X.

I’m wondering if the new Atom headphone edition would provide an improvement ( assume so but would like to confirm)? Considering purchase to use in a different room to the Nova potentially.

However, I would prefer to be able to use the Nova if possible and give me some flexibility on head amp options whilst being able to leverage the Nova DAC/Streamer.

Would Naim consider (assuming possible) a firmware upgrade to the Nova, to allow the RCA output to be used for connecting to external headphone amp (speaker outputs/volume control disabled)?

@Naim.Marketing I see you are the Naim guru by other posts so would appreciate your feedback. Apologies if this has already been mentioned in other posts, I did search before posting this but didn’t get a clear answer on above - feel free to post links if there are and I’ll look.


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Hello, and welcome to the Forum!

Can confirm that Uniti Atom Headphone Edition will provide a big step up in headphone performance - as you’d expect. It’s a totally re-engineered headphone/pre-amp section than the rest of the Uniti range. Would encourage an audition!

No plans to alter hardware capabilties of Uniti Nova at present time - there are software updates coming, though. Next up (very shortly) is TIDAL Connect support.

Ok I’ll schedule a session to audition. thanks

Great, what will the benefits of TIDAL connect support be over current TIDAL connectivity via Naim app, support for higher quality streams?

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