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Hello all,
Having been trapped at home for several weeks and with no reprieve in sight, and with a rather significant birthday quickly approaching I have decided to add a headphone amplifier to my set up. I am drawn towards tubes, specifically the Feliks Euforia. It has 2 RCA inputs. I listen mostly to vinyl with Rega RP10 > Superline (HC DR) > NAC252 > NAP300. I also have a ND5XS (1st gen) which I use mainly for iRadio listening. Now, if I were to add the Euforia, and excuse the ignorance here but how would I connect it up to my system so I could listen to vinyl and even to the ND5xs on occasion? I don’t see any specifics on how to connect a headphone amp in the manuals I have.
Your advice is as ever much appreciated.

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You get a 5 pin din to 2 RCA phono lead and connect to the AV, tape or Aux 1 socket on the back of the 252. Ensure to specify din TO phono, not phono to din, as you are using the output pins on the din rather than their input pins. There is a diagram on the back of the 252 showing which pins are which for these three sockets.

Thank you HH! I assume it doesn’t matter which of the 3 I use.
Here comes the really stupid follow up…
Once plugged in how do I select the source and ensure only headphones are playing?

It doesn’t matter. You choose what to listen to using the bottom row of buttons. Mute the top row. This is, of course, all in the manual…

Ah ok so what they call the Record Bank in the manual…So on the top row I select my source (AUX1 for ND5XS or AUX2 for vinyl) and MUTE then select TAPE (if that’s the one I plug the headphone amp into) on the bottom row and away I go…
Thanks again

I think you need to select aux1 on the bottom row to listen to vinyl, but you’ll soon find out! Just get the right lead and you’ll be fine.

If you can, please share your thoughts on the Feliks Audio headphone amplifier (or whatever amplifier you purchase) after you receive it.

Also, I am curious as to what headphones you will be pairing with the amplifier.

I have actually taken the leap and ordered the ZMF Verite (open back) headphones. I had a very nice chat over email with Zach, the owner of ZMF who he was very helpful. I am yet to make my final decision on which amp to go for but I am still leaning toward the Feliks…will post my decision and when everything comes together my impressions of the final set up.

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