Headphone amp connection

I have ordered a headphone amp, and I am not sure how to connecct it to my Nac 282 pre-amp. Which cable do I use and which socket do I plug it into.

Sorry for the elementary question, but I don’t want to make a mistake, and I know sod all about all those sockets in the back of hifi systems.

Have a read of the link below which should set you in the right direction.


If the headphone amp is none Naim and has RCA connections you will need a 5 DIN to 2 RCA lead. It is important to get this right, I ordered this type of lead for my headphone amp from a well known reputable manufacturer and it took them 3 goes to get it right! Now I’m not sure if it was the shop or the manufacturer that slipped up but it just illustrates how important it is.

I am not familiar with the 282 so I will refrain from commenting on which socket to use. I run mine through my old NAC12s via the tape socket.

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Thanks, Martin. The headphone amp is an exposure.

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I recently got a new headphone cable from eBay. It’s better quality than the old one I found in my bits drawer. Just search on eBay for:

HEADPHONE Amplifier Cable Interconnect For Naim

Various lengths, I got a 1 metre one for £27. The seller even messaged me to check I meant to choose the headphone amp version.

Just connect the din end to any of the in/out sockets on your 282. I think there are three, all clearly labelled.

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Is this what you mean?

It says in the instuctions to connect it to a Naim amp? I thought it had to be connected to the pre-amp? I want to listen to my CD player and turntable through the ear-phones.

Yes, that’s the one. Best not to post live commercial links by the way (forum rules). Richard will probably delete the link if you don’t.

You are right, connect to the pre-amp, that’s what they mean by Naim amp.

Your CD player and turntable provide inputs to your 282 and the interconnect picks up the output signal. When using headphones, your headphone amp gets used instead of your main power amp. Just mute the main power amp.

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Thanks for the heads up re the commercial link. It’s been deleated. Also, thanks for the explanation, and pointing me in the right direction to purchase the cable. This group is so helpful.

Which cable do I use to connect my headphone amp into my MacBook Air?

A small headphone output to a pair of RCA inputs, if the headphone map has stereo RCA inputs.

I haven’t got the headphone amp, yet. It arrives later this week. I can’t see that it has stereo RCA imputs on the on-line blurb. Although it does have a USB input. Is that good enough?

That looks like an integrated amplifier, not a headphone amp.

Looking at the spec, it doesn’t have a headphone out on it.

That’s an integrated amp, not really a headphone amp per se.

It appears to have an onboard DAC so you can connect your laptop to it via the USB socket.

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Is this a DAC and intergrated amp? I think we need to go back to what exactly you are trying to connect, from what, and for what purpose

It sounds like its the Exposure XM-HP - so yes, connect it via USB to the laptop.

I do

I posted the wrong image. This is the correct one.

Same advice…

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Exposure XM-HP. That’s the one: thanks, James. Does this model have an onboard DAC that I can use independently?

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Appears so.

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Yes it does, so as @Neilb1906 mentions, use the USB intereface to connect it to your laptop.