Headphone amp connection

If the idea is to use the XP as a DAC for the laptop, you’ll also need to connect it to the 282 if you want to play through the Naim. If you do, you’ll want a 5 pin Din to 4 RCA lead rather than Din to 2 RCA. If the mon out is fixed volume, that’s the one to use.

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Good point Nigel. It would help if @Tyendra325 would explain a bit more about the system setup and what they want to do.

Thank you. Yes, it would be useful to use it as a DAC for my laptop to play through My 282. Thanks for the advise.

Hi, James. Sorry if I have come across as a bit confusing. As I have discovered, this little headphone amp is exceptionally versatile. It does a lot more than I expected. Initially, I wanted to connect it to my Pre-amp so that I could listen to my CD and record collection through my headphones. Then I wondered if I could connect it to my laptop to stream from a streaming service, and I discovered it does. That made me wonder if I could attach it to my pre-amp via my computer and the onboard DAC and play it through my speakers. It does that, also—a win-win all around, I would say. I want to thank everyone who has advised me on how to go about it, which cables to use, and where to buy them. It’s difficult for an old guy in his seventies to grasp the latest technology. Thank you all for your patients.

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As HH recommends, you should connect with a tape interconnect such as one like this (shown is Naim’s tape interconnect);

This will allow you to use it as a DAC taking signal into your NAC282 as well as a headphone amp taking signal out of your NAC282.

Thank for that, Richard. I will order it through ebay.

Ah understood - yes that gives you a lot of flexibility, especially if connected as per Richard’s post above.

If you want the Naim cable shown in Richard’s picture - which is very good and reasonably priced - you need to get it from a Naim dealer. If you get a different one, make sure it’s good quality and not some £2 job.

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Yes, it was confusing as I asked different questions, as my knowledge and curiosity grew as I discovered other things about the Exposure headphone amp.

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Richard can I confirm the use/benefit of the 4 RCA cable? I have a 2RCA for my headphone amp and now I’m doubting myself!

I use it through my NAC 12s and it all works perfectly so I just want to check that I’m not missing something, namely sound quality. I’m not running a DAC through it just my HP amp.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Don’t worry. The second set of RCAs is just to take signal the other way. Most HP amps won’t need it.

Ahh that’s great, I can rest easy now! Thank you.

The cable has arrived. Would you please explain which sockets I plug the two none din connectors into? Thanks.

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I assume you are using the Exposure in conjunction with your 282 pre-amp.

The AUX 2 and AUX 3 are line level inputs, so you can connect the two non-din leads to either. Don’t use AUX/PH as this would be for a direct connection from a turntable. MON OUT would be for the other two non-din leads if you have the 4 lead version. That makes sense if the exposure replaced your 282, so I don’t think is needed here.

PRE OUT will be if you connected your power amp to the Exposure rather than your 282, so I don’t think you need this.

The Exposure looks rather more complicated than my very simple headphone amp. It would be worth taking advice from other forum members on how you can best make use of its versatility and to confirm or correct what I have said.

Din end to 282 tape in/out
The “play” pair of phonos into exposure “mon”
The “rec” pair into exposure aux 2
Assuming you can identify each of the 4 phonos. 2 are left and right “play” (tape in), the other 2 are “record” (tape out).

Think of the exposure acting as if it were a tape deck.
If you want to listen to any source that’s plugged in to the exposure through your speakers (your laptop via usb for example) then that would be coming into the 282 via the “tape in”.
If you want to listen to any source connected to the 282 (streamer? Record player?) via headphones then if you select that source to record via tape out that would send the signal to the exposure.

The CD-IN has been taken with my CD player. The purpose of the cable is to listen to my CD player and turntable through my headphones connected to the Exposure headphone amp. Can I use the tuner In socket to plug the DIN into?

Shale I plug the two other plugs into the Aux 2 or Aux 3?

Hi, it’s just as I’ve said in the previous post:
Use any din in/out socket on the 282, I suggested the tape one assuming it’s not used already, but it doesn’t matter they are all the same.

Phono sockets into aux2 on the exposure.

Did you buy a 4 phono lead to allow you to use the exposure as a dac back into the 282? If yes, connect those 2 phonos into the exposure “Mon out”.

If you bought a lead din to 2 phonos:
I hope the din/phono lead you’ve bought is one where the 2 phono leads are wired as “out” otherwise you won’t hear anything from the exposure.

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Hi, Richard. Can you please recommend a Naim dealer who could supply these cables? Ideally, a Naim dealer who also sells the Exposure headphone amp.

I can’t really favour any one dealer over another here. Who is local to you?

Devon area.