Headphone amp for Nac 72

Hi, I’m just assembling a Nac 72 and Nap 140 system. What would be a suitable headphone amp?

Headline (olive) plus Hicap (olive)

Cans - Sennheiser HD650.

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Lehmann linear headphone amp - I bought one of eBay for snip. Great transparency at a great price. I think the whole headline + power supply is relatively poor value these days.


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Heed Camamp.


If you want something current, I’d go for a Rega Ear. It works better with the Sennheisers than the HeadLine. I’ve owned both. A HL/HC was better. But the Ear came so close at a fraction of the price. Certainly, I preferred the Ear over a HL with a NAPSC.

Not sure if the Rega Ear is current. I could not see it listed on their website.

Probably could be found, pre-loved though - and it is good (and good value).

I have one… :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh no! After their turntables, the Ear was their other iconic product that spanned decades. A real shame.

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Been gone awhile I think. People have asked on here… :slightly_frowning_face:

Not the first time I have posted the Bad News… :open_mouth:

But… pre-loved is always an option, if you are willing to search and wait… :crazy_face:

Had a Rega Ear for ages. Never really impressed me at all.

I recently bought a Lake People headphone amp - these are the German guys who make the higher range Violectric amps. Great performance from their lower range Lake People branded stuff too, at attractive prices. See their website.

Oh, and their gear is built like a tank…
Solid and reliable.

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Any thoughts on a tube headphone amp under £500?

Anything from STAX.

Their electrostatic ‘ear speakers’ really are the best available, and the boxes needed to energise the ‘cans’ fit easily to the tape outputs on Naim preamps (or control amps, in Naim-speak).

I have HD650 though.

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