Headphone cable for HD800

My stock cable is worn on the lead going to one of the ear pieces - the rubber is split with the cable showing.

Is it worth going for a higher spec lead if I’m replacing it, or just staying with the stock cable?

Hard to say. I went from the stock lead on my HD600 to a high end Furutec and it was fantastic.

But the stock lead with the HD800 is already very good indeed. I was tempted to upgrade this also initially to another Furutec or Atlas cable. But ultimately, the stock lead is just so damn good, I’d not bother. Unless you can try it, I’d replace it with the same.

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The lead on my HD700 developed a break inside.
I tried both Nordost and an Atlas cable and preferred the sound of both compared to the original cable. I preferred and bought the Atlas.
Probably will upgrade my Beyerdynamic closed back headphones with the same cable as the existing cable annoys me as you can hear noise if it brushes/touches my clothing.

I replaced the cable on my 650s with a Cardas. One of the best upgrades ever. :+1:

Nordost Haimdall 2. I preferred it to Cardas.

Chord Shawcan is well worth a try.

I have spent money on super expensive cables. I just really can never tell a significant audible difference. I still pay for nice cables for ergonomics and cosmesis. I think the stock HD800 can be found for like $100-$150 on headfi or other classifieds. I would just go with stock.

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I understand that Russ Andrews makes some really good headphone leads … which he claims are a revelation…on the plus side he offers a good returns policy if you are not happy. They are not cheap though…you need to be careful with the HD800 they can be a bit toppy and relentless…

The HD 800 S hasn’t got that problem.

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Yes I know thats why I got the HD800s … they are just that bit smoother. But according to Rus the 800s still responds well to the Atlas cable…giving a little more of everything…but the cable is quite expensive … about £800!

I use russ Andrews cable on the hd650 huge uplift

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