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I have a pair of Beyerdynamic T1, 2nd gen headphones, which came with a stock 3m long cable. Whilst this is great when listening via my SN2, I also use them with an iMac and an Astell & Kern, when the length of the cable becomes a bit of a pain.

I was considering buying an Atlas Zeno 1:2 cable (c£250) which comes in a shorter 1.5m length, which would be a bit more convenient. Does anyone have any experience of this cable, or have any alternative suggestions for a replacement cable - maybe even one that’s a little cheaper? I think that Chord do a Shawline cable for a similar price, but have struggled to find anything else in the UK.

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Not sure if it’s relevant but I changed my Senn HD650 cable for a Cardas one. Made a big difference to the sound (in a good way).
If they are available for the T1 it would certainly be worth a look.

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The Chord Shawcan made a significant difference to my Quad ERA-1 phones over standard. It comes in a variety of connections, and lengths. It is quite flexible and light.

The degree of difference is going to depend on the quality of the OEM cable of course. I chose mine ‘blind’ so cannot give you any comparisons I’m afraid.


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You need to be a bit careful here because the interaction with the headphone amp is a major factor.

I had a Rega Ear driving Sennheiser HD600 and replaced the stock lead with a Furutech one. It was excellent. It really made the music flow and bring on life.

Then I moved those headphones to the office to be driven by a UQ2. Well, its puny headphone amp isn’t really up to the HD600 anyway, but with the expensive Furutech lead it sounded constrained and like it was out of puff. Nearly unlistenable. Put the stock lead back in and it was much better.

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Thanks for the responses. I’ve found a Beyerdynamic T1 cable that is 1.4m long on a German website for c£100. As I’ve been happy with the sound, I’ve ordered this as it was the cable length that was the main issue for me when I work on the computer.

When funds allow (I’m currently ‘between’ jobs), I may try one of the suggestions above.

Thanks again, Nigel

Anything by Mogami will be great

The same for me, going from stock to the Cardas on the Senn 650. Much more detail. That veil lifting… But it is quite a stiff cable, mechanically.

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