Headphone connection to NAC152xs

This has probably been asked before but how would I connect a headphone amp to my NAC152xs?

You take signal from the line out 2 x RCA Phonos. Alternatively, if you are using a DIN Headline then use the AUX1 in/out DIN5.

Does this also apply to the 252? where should the headline be connected? Aux1?

On the NAC252 you connect to one of the DIN in/outs.

At the moment I have the stageline connected to aux 2 with a jack for iPod, iPhone and iPad in aux1. Is there anywhere else, could I use one of the outs on the flatcap?

Which headphone amp?

Micky, we have near identical sets now. How are you finding the 152XS?

In the question that you ask of Richard, above, I’m guessing you have output B of your FC2 on the your CD5 and output A on Upgrade 1 on the NAC152XS. So the two outputs are already used.


Hi Christopher_M
The stageline N is in aux2 to power it. I put the flatcap2 in upgrade 2 On the NAC and the other feeds the CD5.
Wired this way but instead of the stageline The cd5 sits there and stageline to aux2

Okay. I think wiring it your way will give slightly improved vinyl performance at the expense of CD. Just personal preference either way.

Hi Richard,
Unfortunately, this isn’t an option on the NAC152xs as there are no tape outputs provided.


Ah ok, thanks Neil.

Just had a look round the back of my NAC152XS and it’s just as Richard says, 2 x RCA line outs.

It is a bit confusing with the NAC152. The AUX1 DIN is labelled on the rear panel as IN/OUT. @NeilS do you know what the OUT refers to here?

Ah - you’re looking at the pics on the Naim website?
Those are of a prototype (you can see the paper rear label). The production units only have “In” on all inputs.


Aha! No wonder I’m confused. Thanks Neil!

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