Headphone extension cable...?

Need something around 2 to 3 meters long, to accept the full size phono jack of my Audeze cans at one end, and plug into my Headline at the other end. For occasional use. Any suggestions?

Grado do a nice extension lead .

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I got one from eBay with neutrik connectors and van damm cable fir not much money.

I’d try eBay. I’ve just been looking for a bespoke cable. Balanced with XLR one end, 2 3.5mm ts connectors the other(s). Plenty of people on there do stuff.
6.3mm male to 6.3 female would be real easy.

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I have a nice one from Ghent Audio, didn’t cost too much. Not sure about shipping times from China right now though.

Yup. An excellent extension cable. No degradation in sound quality either. I really like mine.

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Thanks all.

This is a very timely thread as I am also wondering about an extension cable for my Sennheiser; and I looked into the Grado cable. But I could only find a 4,5m long Grado – is this the only length they do? It’s probably a bit too long for me – though with that extension cable I could probably make it into the kitchen to get drinks and snacks when needed… :beer: :taco: :rofl:

Has anybody tried the QED extension cable? This one comes in different lengths, and these are also reasonably priced.


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