Headphone options under £500

Amirons arrived today. Immediate impression was poor, but I’m guessing that’s a combination of very little time on the SN3 headphone amp and no hours on the Amirons.

Left them playing a streamed source for the last five or so hours and happy to report they are sounding much better now. Nice wide soundstage, clean, tidy sound and quite engaging. Bass present but quite subdued. I think this is just a case of getting used to open backs, rather than bass heavy closed backs though.

Superb comfort levels. Hardly feel they are on at all. Will see how the next couple of weeks go…


They are a bit bass shy, but also think that’s partially what contribute to their comfort. I also have a pair of closed back B&W P7’s and that pressure that happens with heavy bass does my head in, so to speak. But I’m also not listening to a lot of heavy bass music (at least through HP’s) these days. The soundstage is amazing, as if your head isn’t there. They really are the first set of headphones I’ve had to ask myself when sitting down for a listening session, should it be the speakers or cans?


Give the Amirons a fair bit of time to run in . I was initially impressed with the improved detail, and soundstaging but was aware of some sibilance compared to my outgoing Sennheiser hd580. Thankfully noticing the sibilance is subsiding.


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