Headphone system around NDAC?

I am looking to build a headphone system around a spare ndac i have. My thought is to use ndac and uniti core as player connected vi s/pdif cable. The headphone system will be away from my main system (ndx2/555PS/252).

My questions:

  • is this a good plan? will be able to create a decent headphone system based or ndac/core?
  • can i still use uniticore as server to my main system (given that will remain connected to home network with ethernet).
  • which analogue amp is suitable for the purpose ? I was thinking for something like Hypsos OOR level.
  • what about headphones? ( eyeing meze 109 pro / hifiman medium models )

Regarding your first two questions, yes, the Core + Naim DAC is a superb source (I use a BNC-BNC DC1 s/pdif cable) and more than capable of fronting a decent headphone system. You can still use the Core as a server for any network players around the house.

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