Headphones for iPod

My daughter would like new headphones for her ancient iPod… not wireless, of course - I’ve no idea what’s on the market these days. On-ear preferably - it shouldn’t be too big. Neutral sound, she likes all kinds of music. Do the traditional names like Sennheiser or similar make anything suitable?
I would be extremely grateful if you could make a few (not too expensive) suggestions… the only make she’s mentioned is Marshall.

Price range would be helpful - there are so many to choose from.

Thanks - £100-£200?

Sennheiser momentum. Decent enough sound for the price and easy to drive.

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I use B&W P5. They are wireless, but I mostly used them wired, with my equally ancient iPod. Small, and they fold up into a soft case.Pretty good SQ.

I think she’d rather have non-isolating headphones - I’m not sure which are non-isolating.

I bought another pair of NOS Sennheiser PX100s recently. They are still my favourite small, light & eAsily portable on-ear. In fact, I’m listening to a pair right now on the train, albeit on a Pono rather than an iPod (but they sound great on either). They are open, but not so much that they annoy others nearby. Brilliant.

I like the Sennheiser PX 100 too

The AKG Y50s work well with the iPod.

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Might be better to consider a reasonably affordable (sub £100) portable headphone DAC first. Decent headphones on the output from the ipod are still dealing with a not very good input signal. Also a headphone DAC provides the versatility to play other formats off a PC. The Chord Mojo is heavily discounted nowadays. They were £400 but I think you can get them new for around £250 nowadays and they are brilliant. The mojo will open you up to a much wider range of headphones.

Thank you for all your replies so far. I’ll try to find out whether the various models are still available now.

Some of these DACs are quite low profile and won’t add a lot of bulk to the ipod you use them with. Easily the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to music on the move. You’ll then maximise the potential of any decent quality headphones you buy. An ipod with a £100 DAC and a £100 pair of headphones should sound significantly better than an ipod with a £200 pair of headphones.

I suggest you might take a look at the What HiFi website. They have a Best Buys section that includes headphones at various price points. If she has used old headphones with an old iPod then I would suggest that buying a separate dac to use with the same old source would be difficult to justify. Personally I would get the best pair of headphones within budget. There are some very good in-ear models around nowadays which have obvious merits in terms of portability. Take a look at the range from1More for example.

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I bought a heavily discounted BW P3 S2 in the end - sound isn’t everything, looks matter too, it would seem…
Thanks again for your suggestions.


Try Blon bl3 or tin audio t2 for the Best value for money, they are fantastic for 30-40$

No they are fantastic for even faaaar more

Look at Shure’s in ear they pair very well with iPods

He has already bought some so the last two suggestions are redundant. End of story?

Yes, end of story - and in-ear phones were out of the question anyway…

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Yes, looks do matter. On sheer impulse (and because I fell in love with them) I bought a pair of Ruark Sabres (didn’t even bother to audition them) , one of my best ever purchases and greatest mistakes in giving them away.

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