Headphones for SN3

Hi all, would be happy to get your recommendations for good headphones to be used with the SN3’s headphone amp that may be used later when an external headphone amp be added. What type or impedance range works best.

Also headphone types I should be aware of.

Open or closed back?

Throw us a bone here mate…

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Hello there. Before giving suggestions, ( because it’s a question of personal taste ) I recommend that you go take a look on a thread called show us your headphones. :wink:


I love my Focal Elears with my SN2 and portably too with my AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt - excellent headphones.

I’ve just taken delivery of a pair of Sennheiser HD58xx from Massdrop and am rather chuffed with them. Only one day in and I’m happy to report that the onboard headphone amp in my SN2 seems to be much much more than an afterthought. Really getting to realise the Supernait is quite a special amp. The HD58xx are not run in yet but they do seem to match the amp well. The 150 ohm load they present seems to match the amp as I can use volume all the way up to around 11 o’clock and the sound is quite effortless. To compare I also have some Sennheiser Momentum’s that I think are around 36 ohm and these just sound hectic through the SN2.


Absolutely. The headphone socket on it has been carefully thought out and mine is superb (and was on my 2020 Nait XS2 as well)

I’m using ZMF Auteurs with the SN3 and sounds great. Pretty impressed with the built in HF amp

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Have recently been listening to the Austrian Audio Hi-X55 with the SN3, and they work very well indeed (if you like your headphones ultra-revealing rather than lush and cosy).

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I can second the Elears, in my case with an XS3. Took a while before they sounded their best though.

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