Headphones for Uniti Nova

I am thinking of buying new headphones for Uniti Nova. Don’t think I want Bluetooth and/or noise cancelling features… a decent wired would be great, any suggestions?

Meze Classic 99’s. About 300 Euros, great value.


Do you need them to be closed or can you use open back headphones? I generally prefer open-backed but they do tend to leak some sound, so if that’s a problem, it may rule them out for you. What sort of budget are you looking at?

I guess closed back is better option for me, as also planning to use on a train/airplane - not good idea of leaking sound there… My budget is around £500

looks nice, thank you!

Ok, then you’ll probably want something that is nice and portable too. I recently bought some NOS B&W P9s. These are good enough for home use and also fold up for travel use too. They have a very high resolution sound although bass can be a bit strong for me at times but I’m getting used to it!

Focal offer the Elegias which are currently on offer with many dealers and are just within your budget. These would be worth investigation.

I use a pair of the Meze Classic 99’s with my Nova and can recommend them very highly

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I recommend trusting your ears on this. When I upgraded my Headphone setup 9-10 years ago, I tested probably 20 different headphones someone hyped or recommended online, before landing on a pair of Denon AH-D5000. Back then Grado’s where hyped a lot, but for me they sounded light and baseless. In your budget Meze, and Denon make some amazing Headphones.

For places where the leakage is a total no-no (like work), I still use my old Ultrasone DJ-1 (Ugly as hell, but a real bargain in the 100€ price range :slight_smile: )

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Remember that all the drivers for Meze headphones are made in a factory in Lviv in Ukraine so you help Ukrainian economy as well


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